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*** Central Service Announcements ***

*** Please read this update to previous announcement from Central Service regarding Meeting Insurance Policies ***

Group Insurance Costs Information

Group Insurance Information


Central Service Meetings – 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month
United Memorial Church, 5350 Young Street, Halifax
All AA members welcome.


Central Service Chair

Foster L.
(902) 210-2172


Central Service Co-Chair


Bill P.
Send AA related announcements including birthdays, group anniversaries, meeting changes, and events, etc. by email to the Newsletter for publication on the first of each month. Deadline for submissions is the 25th of the month.


Evan M.
Literature Co-Chair
Groups wanting literature for sale and distribution can download the Literature Order Form from the Literature page by clicking the “Literature” Tab at the top of the page.


Samaira G.
902-252-6723 or 902-476-3057
If you have any ideas for events or would like to help out, give the Entertainment Chair a call.


Website Administrator, Email accounts and Meeting List Changes
Heather L.
Contact the Website Administrator by email for submissions and updates to the website including the Meeting List, events, Phone and Detox schedules, etc. Deadline for submissions is the 25th of the month.


Phone Committee
Leah C.
Contact the Phone Committee Chair if interested in volunteering some phone time, your group is interested in weekend coverage, or any feedback on the local AA phone service.


Hospital Visitation Chair
Mike H.
Hospital Visitation Co-Chair
Whether the patient is from the local area or not, a unique connection is made between one alcoholic and another. The Hospital Visitation Committee arranges for AA members young and old, of both genders to visit with patients while in hospital and possibly unable to attend a meeting.
If you or an AA member you know is in hospital in the HRM and would like to be visited by AA members, contact us. Whether you’re from near or far, you’ll always have friends in AA.


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  1. Jim

    I heard that an update on Group Insurance has been posted on-line but when I click on the link it’s to the June 13 letter.. Has an update been posted? If so, how do I access. Thanks

    1. admin

      HI Jim, this information has now been posted online and is available from the main announcements page or the Central Service contacts page

  2. Natalie C.


    My name is Natalie. I met Kirk from your area who deals with treatment centers at the CERASA in February. I promised him a few LA VIGNE (French version similar to the GRAPEVINE). I would need your postal address to send them to him. Thank you and have a sober and happy day!

    1. Murdo MacKay

      Kirk Lives in Port Hawkesbury.NS.He is DCM for District 7. You might be able to contact him at district 7@area82aa.

      Murdo M.

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