Central Service: Introduction and the CSR

What is HRM Central Service?
HRM Central Service is a coordinating body that supports the 12 Step Work of AA groups comprising of Districts 1 and 2 of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Area 82 (NS/NFLD). It provides a point of contact between meeting groups, AA members, and the still suffering alcoholic.

Central Service is part of the overall service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous that connects the local public, AA members and meeting groups up through Districts 1 and 2, to Area 82 up to the General Service Office in New York.
Central Service is composed of:
• Central Service Representatives from AA meeting groups in Districts 1 and 2
• Members of the Central Service Executive
• Central Service Subcommittee Chairs; Volunteers
• Monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm
• United Memorial Church, 5350 Young Street, Halifax
• Open to all AA members
Central Service Representative (CSR)
• Generally represents their Meeting Group at Central Service
• Represents and communicates their groups’ conscience at Central Service
• Makes, seconds and votes on motions and recommendations at Central Service
• to keep their groups advised of the work of Central Service
• Can stand as a candidate for election to a Sub-Committee or to the Executive Committee

Central Service suggests that CSR’s must have a minimum of two year of sobriety, Alternate CSR’s a minimum of one year. The selection of CSR’s and Alternate CSR’s is independently conducted by individual meeting groups.
Alternate CSR
• Fills the role of CSR at Central Service and their Groups’ business meetings in the absence of the CSR
• It is suggested that Alternate CSR’s have a minimum of one year of sobriety
It is also suggested that the CSR and Alternate be an active group member having performed service work at the group level, such as attendance at group business meetings, chairing meetings, and any other effort to help the group.