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Detox Schedule

Groups wanting to participate in the weekly rotation of putting on meetings at the detox facility at the Nova Scotia Hospital should contact the Treatment Facilities Chair at Treatment.AAHalifax@gmail.com

The detox schedule group rotation is as follows:

May 28
Cole Harbour
May 31
Early Risers
June 4
June 7
The Only Requirement Group
June 11
Back 2 Basics
June 14
Second Chance
June 18
West End
June 21
Floater Group
June 25
St. Margarets Bay
June 28
July 2
Floater Group
July 5
Keep it simple
July 9
Highland Park
July 12


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  1. barry l

    Hi back to basic,s would like to be on the list for Thurs night detox. Mutual group is having there last meeting onapril 10. Thanks

    1. admin

      Hi Barry: I posted the reminder about the Mutual Group’s final meeting tonight. And I’ve forwarded your message to the Treatment chair regarding Back to Basics and the Thurs Detox schedule. Thanks!

      Heather L
      Web Admin.

  2. jeff

    Hello I’m Jeff I’m only 37 but I have a problem with drinking I need help if u could get back to me and let me know how to get in to a program that would be great.

    1. admin

      Hi Jeff, please contact the help line at (902) 461-1119 for more information and to speak with someone directly. There is a solution.

  3. Gig M

    Early risers would like to be put on the list for detox meeting.

    Gig M GSR

    Cris R.

  4. Pat Hanlon

    Hi Kathy G

    If you are still interested please let me know. I do have an opening now.

    Pat H 225-7852

  5. Kathy G.

    Hi there:
    The Lost & Found Group would like to be added to the groups putting on meetings at Detox. Please let us know if and when?
    Kathy G.

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