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For announcing any changes or new meetings, please email both the Website Administrator at Webmaster.AAHalifax@gmail.com and the Newsletter Publisher at Newsletter.AAHalifax@gmail.com

If you are having trouble downloading the file below, try right clicking the link and selecting “Save Target As…”, then open the file and print. Email the Website Administrator for feedback on this document.


Get meeting information for all of Area 82 (Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador)

Get  meeting information for all of North America


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  1. George

    In halifax area this week.where are the meetings this week, as I would like to find a couple of meetings. George

    1. admin

      We have lots of meetings…check out the link “Meeting List” on this web site. It’s a PDF document and it lists all meetings by day of the week. Enjoy!!

  2. Sarah

    Is there a woman|female only group?

    1. admin

      Hi Sarah, I see in the Meeting List a “Woman to woman” group on Fri evening 7:30pm and “Serenity Sisters” on Tues 7pm and “Circle of Sisters” on Wed 7pm. Finally in the newsletter I see that on every 2nd Sunday at 10am there is a Women’s Breakfast Meeting at the Athens Restaurant. So take a look at both of these documents available on the web site and check out these meetings. They may be just what you are looking for!

      Heather L.

  3. Louise


    I would like to know if there are any AA meetings held in the French language in the HRM area?



    1. admin

      Sorry, I am not aware of any.

      Heather L.
      Web Admin

  4. Patrick


    I am thinking of attending my first meeting and was wondering if there was any meeting on Friday april 3. I am from the clayton park area

    1. admin

      Hi there Patrick. Sorry I am only seeing this comment now so I’ve missed your Friday night. Please see the Meeting List online and I can tell you that there are meetings on Farnhamgate Rod on Monday and Tues night and also over on Main Avenue in Fairview on Wed and Fri nights. Please take a look and pick one and get started right away…you won’t be sorry!

  5. Raylene M

    Hi everyone IT GREAT TO BE SOBER Ed and I will be at the Roundup at the
    Holiday INN Dartmouth at the end of Feb. with wheelchair and this mouth
    ED M is celebrating his 40 years of being sober on Feb. 15,2015 – ONE DAY
    AT A TIME .Hope to see everybody their and congregation to the 28 years AA
    person – yes keep it simple – thank you all for my sober DAYS.

  6. alex g

    on the last friday in january ..Larry will be celebrating 2 years..halifax young peoples group..8 30pm ..St’ Mattews church

  7. Howie

    I would like to attend my first meeting but the list above is only for October.
    Is there a list for December?

    1. admin

      Hi, this meeting list is up to date.

  8. Liz

    I would really like to be able to get to some meetings at Sunrise Group in Sackville . I live n Halifax and have problems with night driving so cannot drive myself . I would be so happy to contribute to gas costs so if there’s anyone one heading out that way and would like some company let me know . I am particularly interested in going to the women’s group meeting but it doesn’t have to be .

  9. Trish

    Hi, my brother lives in Halifax and is an alcoholic. My uncle whom he respects lives in Ontario and has asked him if he put him in touch with someone from AA would he ( my brother Dale) call them. For the first time since he has been encouraged many times to go to AA Dale said yes. My brother is a tradesman and I wondered if there was a number we could give him so he could talk with someone to give him information on where he could go for help. He does not have a landline phone nor does he have internet but I am able to text him with a phone number ( I also live in Ontario). Any help you could suggest would be greatly appreciated. We love this guy very much and want him to get well.
    Thank you

    1. admin

      Hi Trish, the AA Help number in HRM is (902) 461-1119 you can have him call anytime and if he has an honest desire to get sober then I know from my own experience that there is a solution.

  10. paul

    Good work on the newsletter Keep it going

  11. Brad

    I’m going to my first meeting tomorrow night. Can I bring my girlfriend with me or is it the kind of thing that’s encouraged to go alone?

    1. admin

      Hi, on the meeting list there is an “O” or a “C” beside the meeting names. If “O” the meeting is open to everyone, alcoholic or not, if “C” the meeting is closed to members only, therefore anyone with a desire to stop drinking would be welcome at a closed meeting. Great to hear that you are going for your first meeting, there is a solution.

  12. Ada


    I am visiting the Halifax area for a few days and wondering if there are in meetings in the Bedford area.


    1. admin

      Hi Ada,

      The meeting list is on the webpage under “meeting list”. The Bedford Group (held on Tuesdays and Friday’s) comes to mind. Enjoy your time in Halifax!

  13. scott

    Trying to find a merting list but cannot access through thr hfx site. Looking for a meeting in lower sackville upper uniakie area. Visiting from ottawa and would like or if you want, need a meeting.

    1. admin

      Hi Scott, you should be able to click the meeting list link and it should bring up the meeting list. Please email webmaster.aahalifax@gmail.com if you have any issues with links.

  14. Wynn

    Hi everyone,
    I have been sober for years but am just getting back to meetings. Really appeaciate this updated meeting list.

    Thanks so much,

  15. harry

    harry here I have been sober for 28 years through the aa program . keep it simple

  16. Gig McMullin

    Yes add me to the mailing list

    Gig M. GSR Early Risers Group

  17. david

    hi it looks very good good job

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