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The newsletter contains information regarding AA events, group announcements, service notices and contacts for the AA community in Districts 1 and 2 (Halifax, Dartmouth and surrounding areas).

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Alcoholics Anonymous can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (902) 461-1119.

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  1. Haley


    Unfortunately, we do not have the numbers to keep our meeting running at this time. Please pass this information along at the meetings you attend. If anyone has questions or comments please contact me at haleyheist@gmail.com

    Again, the 6:00 Tuesday night child friendly meeting held in the Lutheran Church on Allen Street has been cancelled until further notice.

  2. Michael

    I have signed up to get newsletter several times, but I never get it in my email. Thanks,

    Michael A

    1. admin

      Hi Michael. I do see your email address in the list of subscribers for the monthly e-mail that I send. This email was just sent out on Mar 29th. Did you get this email? The email is not the Newsletter itself, but has links to both the Newsletter and the Meeting List. If you have more questions, please email me directly at webmaster.aahalifax@gmail.com

  3. Stan

    How can I get the news letter to my e-mail every month???

    1. admin

      Hi, just sign up by filling out the information on the top right of the main webpage.

  4. Mike H.

    During the preamble of the meetings, there is mention of working at the correction center albeit women or men.

    The secretaries read what is printed. It says 2 years clean time, and a criminal background check.

    It should say, 2 years clean time and a clean record based on a criminal background check.

    It requires more explanation.

    Thanks, Mike.H

    1. Carol-Anne

      Good morning Mike

      I am the Corrections Co-chair. Just want to clarify that the criminal record check doesn’t necessarily have to be clean.

      We are alcoholics and many have DUI’s on their record. Sometimes Corrections Canada will overlook that and accept the member’s application anyways. It’s really a case-by case process.

      However, Corrections Canada is firm on the 2 years sobriety.

      Hope that clears things up for your Mike.


      Carol-Anne D.

  5. Shawn M

    Please email me a notice when the Feb. newsletter is up.

    Thank you Kindly,

    Shawn M.

    1. admin

      Newsletter is now posted

  6. David N

    Help! My name is David N. I am a member of AA and am approaching two and a half years of wonderful sobriety. I am writing this here because I hope someone can help me. Prior to joining the fellowship I found myself in a legal battle and also some major emotional/mental issues of witch I have been treated. I am now much better and feel secure in my sobriety. My legal battles have ended now and I have fallen into a hole. I was self employed and self sufficient but the courts have taken away this freedom as I may not drive for some years to come. Work was my social and creative outlet not to mention my means of living. Now I am home running out of money and with a criminal record finding it hard to get work and getting increasingly worried about the coming winter and how to survive. I was never one to ask for help but have learned in the fellowship that it is ok to do so. Are there any fellow members out there who could employ a responsible, determined, renaissance man who can turn his hand to just about anything. I understand that this is not a common request but for me a necessary one and an angle I must explore.

    David N

  7. ERIC L

    For Literature Chair;

    I cannot ask a question of the Literature Chair using the aa halifax link, (it bounces back) ! I had to use my personal account and send it that way ??
    Please advise
    Eric L

    1. admin

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This issue should now be resolved and clicking on the literature link above should permit you to email the literature chair directly. Thank you for your feedback.
      Christopher H

  8. Gig McMullin

    Yes publish my email address.


    Gig M

    Early Risers

  9. Gig McMullin

    Please add me to the email address list.


    Gig M

    Early Riser Group

  10. admin

    Hi James, please fill out the information on the top right of the screen (First name, last init and email) and you will be automatically added.

  11. Karen

    The Central Service Literature Committee has some great new books in stock! We will be giving you a sneak preview at some of them by featuring a” book of the month” on our AA website . I just know that the first book we are featuring, starting this month, will of interest to many of you as you get involved in sponsorship and all that it entails. Happy reading!

    Karen G.
    Co-Chair, CS Literature Committee
    August 2013

    1. Bryan D

      Do you have copies of a “special” anniversary edition of the Big Book?
      A member of our group in Bedford indicated he was aware of this and asked me to pursue it.

      1. admin

        Hi Bryan, please contact the literature chair for this by clicking the literature link.

    2. Mary

      Hi there I order two of the anniversary. Big books one time last year from Jamie anyone know where I might be able to get those

      1. admin

        hi, please contact the literature chair at Literature.AAHalifax@gmail.com

  12. admin

    Hi Julie, please send all newsletter requests to Newsletter.AAHalifax@gmail.com. Thank you for your understanding.

    Christopher H

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