Aug 27

Thank You from Early Risers



On behalf of the Early Risers Group members, we would like to thank all those who were kind enough to participate in our AA Day on Saturday 24, August 2013. Due to your participation and generous donations it was a resounding success.

A special thanks to all the Groups who put on meetings and a special thanks to the Al-Anon members for their meetings, donations of food and money. It certainly raised the level of success for our Day .

We were encouraged by the turn out and look forward to our 4th annual AA Day next year.

Gig M.


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  1. Susan MacDonald

    Thanks Gig and all the Earl;y Risers for a most enjoyable event. I certainly felt welcomed and I noticed group members taking care to welcome their guests individually, invite them to sign the guest book, encourage us to enjoy the great spread of food, the music and the friendly atmosphere. The agenda was well planned and it was nice to see the group members working together to accommodate guests, answer questions, keep us informed on what was coming next and also cheerfully “play things by ear” when (as they will) unexpected challenges cropped up-for example you never missed a beat when a group scheduled to run a meeting didn’t show up, you just rolled with it-Early Risers Group members all on deck ran the meeting…even started on time!
    And a special thanks to Bob H. for extending to me a personal invitation to attend…I’m sure you made a lot of phone calls and approaches to individuals to lend that personal touch so appreciated by some of us wallflowers!
    Thanks again Early Risers.

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