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District 1 & 2 Contacts

District 1 Meetings – 1:00 pm on the last Sunday of each month

George Dixon Center, 2501 Gottingen St., Halifax


District 2 Meetings – 1:00 pm on the third Sunday of each month

3 Dundas St, Dartmouth


District 1 DCM (District Committee Member)

DCM1: Tom R.
(902) 830-9844

Alt DCM 1: Fred D.


District 2 DCM (District Committee Member)

DCM 2: Barry H.
(902) 209-8702

Alt DCM 2: Bob R.


PI (Public Information)

PI Chair: Jamie Q.
(902) 430-3366

PI Co Chair: Bill P.

The Public Information function in Alcoholics Anonymous follows the principals of being about “attraction not promotion” and of remaining anonymous. It’s goal is to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic. This can take various forms including distribution of literature, airing of public service announcements on television and radio, presentations and speakers for groups.


CPC (Cooperation with the Professional Community)

CPC Chair: Earlene R.

While Alcoholics Anonymous does not formally associate itself with any organization it recognizes the contribution of medical, psychotherapy, and other professionals who may interact with alcoholics, and wishes to cooperate with them. Activities include distribution of AA literature at medical facilities, presentations, having students attend an AA meeting.


Treatment Facilities

Treatment Facilities: Alex L.

Opportunities for Alcoholics Anonymous cooperation with treatment facilities such as treatment centres, detox facilities, post-treatment (dry) housing, etc., include holding meetings or speaking at the facility, making AA literature available, clients connecting with active AA members.



Corrections Chair: Maria R.

Opportunities for cooperation with corrections facilities include holding Wednesday night meetings within the facilities.

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