Weekend Phones

Groups wanting to participate in the weekend phone rotation should contact the Phone Committee Chair by email at Phones.AAHalifax@gmail.com.

This is not only limited to Groups!   Individuals wanting to take a shift during the week can also contact the Phone Committee Chair at the same email address listed above.

Weekend AA Telephone Service Schedule 2015

This is the list of groups in HRM that currently participate in the Weekend Phone rotation.  These are in order and this order does not change.  If you want to know when your group will be next getting the weekend phones:

  • check the Newsletter to see what groups are listed for the current month
  • compare that list to this list and you’ll find when your group is next in the rotation


Live for Today

Welcome Group

Cole Harbour

Downtown Dartmouth


Early Risers

Keep It Simple

Sunrise Group

West End Step

Back to Basics

Only Requirement Group

Highland Park

Sunday Serenity

St. Margaret’s Bay


Four Seasons

Fresh Start